Sloped Timber Wine Rack

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Store, Age and Display your wine in style with this contemporary Wine Rack from the Wine Stash. Featuring a unique stepped design, this premium Wine Rack can be used to maximise Wine Storage under your stairs, add a stylish feature to your existing Wine Collection, or simply create a showpiece to help your wine stand out in style.

Made from 100% FSC® Certified Timber, this premium proprietary wine storage system contains everything you need to create the modern and stylish Wine Rack pictured. Available in a range of different widths which can be used to match your existing wine rack, or also as a stand alone system. 

  • The fully assembled measurements of the wine racks are:
      • 6 Bottle Width
        • Length: 61cm
        • Width: 23.5cm
        • Height: 61cm

        This Wine Rack is available in a Natural Finish, Dark Mahogany Finish, Black Onyx Finish and a  Rustic (Hardwood) Finish to help you match the decor of any room.

        This Sloped Bottle Wine Rack from Wine Stash has been engineered to store your wine just off horizontal. Ensuring,

        • The Cork will stay in partial contact with the wine, helping it remain moist, and not dry out - Meaning your wine will last longer!
        • Entrapped air, formed by the wine’s ullage will remain on top of the bottle, allowing for a slower and more gradual maturation and oxidation process - Helping to preserve your wines complexity & character!
      • Included free of charge is a full set of Neck Protector Clips. These simply attach to the wine rack, preventing the bottle from scratching. This modular wine rack can also be very easily connected to other wine racks with a set ofconnector clips. Enabling you to very quickly increase your wine storage capacity with this versatile wine rack.


        This wine rack is available both pre-assembled and un-assembled. The un-assembled wine racks require at-home assembly which can become difficult. Assembly will take around 60 minutes to complete. Assembly is a simple and straightforward process, however a rubber mallet is required which are also available here.


      • Did you know:
        • This  Wine Rack is made from 100% sustainably sourced FSC ® Certified Timber.
        • Everything from design to manufacturing to delivery is 100% Carbon Neutral.
        • All of our Wine Racks are assembled by hand, with care, by the Wine Stash team.
        • You can also customise your wine rack into any shape and size here.


        • Sloped Timber Wine Racks are stylishly designed wine racks that are different from the usual square shape. They can be added to your existing collection or as a standalone system while acting as a showpiece for whatever room you put them in.

          The Sloped Timber Wine Rack comes in a range of sizes.Click here to find out more.

          This is optional, depending on where they’re replaced and how large a design you choose. You can purchase an anchorhere.

          Sloped Timber Wine Racks are suitable for any room but are popularly used in dining rooms, kitchens and wine rooms.

          These wine racks are made from sustainably sourced FSC® Certified New Zealand Pineland and come in a range of styles including Natural Finish, Dark Mahogany Finish, Black Onyx Finish and a  Rustic (Hardwood) Finish, helping match the decor of your room.

          You can choose to have your sloped wine rack assembled or unassembled.

          To order a Wine Stash Timber Wine Rack,click here.

          To get in touch with Wine Stash,click here.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 45 reviews
        Patricia Armstrong
        Great wine rack

        Really enjoying our new wine rack. Fits perfectly next to our wine fridge.

        David Makin
        Good quality - but far smaller than expected

        Good quality and fast delivery. I was surprised at how small the unit was, I was expecting something larger - probably my fault for not looking closer at the dimensions

        Grant Muller
        Solves a Problem

        Angle Stax filled a. hard to use spot in my cellar. Prompt delivery and came with everything needed to put it together.

        Grant Muller
        Solves a Problem

        Angle Stax filled a. hard to use spot in my cellar. Prompt delivery and came with everything needed to put it together.

        Great servive

        Love the sturdy unit and the speedy response to Australia Post losing my parcel.

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